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Falcons Girls Upper School perform Aladdin at Watermans Theatre

26th June 19

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Aladdin at Watermans Theatre

A review by Lizzie, Lola, Margot, Minnie and Molly

‘For our last ever Falcons play, we turned the classic and beloved tale Aladdin into an all-singing, all-dancing fabulous journey. Along the way, we met party-loving genies with infinite powers, a magic lamp, swindling friends, talking caves, a princess who would give up the throne for true love and a flying carpet.

The storyline is simple – Aladdin, a penniless boy whose worth lies deep within, falls in love with an intriguing princess named Jasmine and, with the help of his one-of-a-kind pal (the Genie), outwits a wicked Vizier (Jafar and Iago) and marries the princess who, in a break with tradition, becomes the next sultan.

It was an unforgettable, incredible experience at Watermans – “shining, shimmering, splendid!” No jaw was left un-dropped after the outstanding Whole New World scene: two brilliant voices being used in the right way makes for something truly magical. And we are  sure everybody would agree there wasn’t one moment when any of the actors stopped giving their enthusiasm and energy, even during costume changes and scene changes.

The most amazing West End play with unbelievable stage magic and gold-dripping design minus the West End equals the Falcons musical extravaganza at Watermans. Non-stop fun and laughter from the beginning to the end made the 2019  ‘Falcons leavers’ show the most tremendous hour ever. We didn’t have it easy; the road was sometimes bumpy, but with teamwork we took a magic carpet ride to victory and arrived in a Whole New World!’

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