Falcons Round-Up 09/12/19

9th December 19

EYFS Nativity Press

Last week at Falcons School for Girls and Peregrines Nursery, we invited parents of our youngest children in Nursery and Reception to watch their Nativity. The week also brought the netball season to a close, with hockey starting in the New Year. See below for further information about what Falcons’ pupils got up to in the penultimate week of Autumn Term.

EYFS Nativity

Early Years put on a captivating Christmas Musical, delighting parents with a performance of ‘The Innkeeper’s Breakfast’. The parents watched in anticipation as the very busy innkeeper was interrupted by several visitors and eventually found his way to the stable where the Baby Jesus lay.

The children transformed themselves into the characters, sang the songs beautifully and performed their lines with gusto! Bravo Early Years!

Miss Peters, Reception Teacher

EYFS Nativity Press

Cross Country

Well done to all the members of the selected Falcons Girls’ Cross Country squad for your effort to attend the Wednesday morning training each week, whether it be cold, rainy or full of sunshine. You all come with a smile on your face week in, week out, and with a wonderful attitude to take on Miss Walters’ and Miss Diez’s challenges. We are very much looking forward to the Years 4-6 St James Cross Country race in January, so keep up the good work over the Christmas break.

Miss Walters, PE and Games Lead

Cross Country

Autumn Term Netball 2019

This week, Year 5 Falcons’ pupils played their very last match of the season against Broomfield House. Well done girls for two excellent matches. All pupils really took the tactics from the previous week’s lesson on board and implemented them into play with passion. You were very unlucky not to win as both fixtures were exciting and very entertaining matches.

Congratulations also to all the pupils from Years 3, 4 and 6 for some thrilling matches over the Autumn term. Well done particularly to the new girls at Falcons who had to learn netball from scratch. I am delighted you have all done so well.


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Early Years Open Morning

We are hosting an Early Years Open Morning on Thursday 30th January, 9:15-10:30am

To register to attend, please email admissions@falconsgirls.co.uk or click here.

We look forward to seeing you there!