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13th January 20

Nursery child painting

Our Science afternoon was an exciting one which had the Nursery children mixing paints to make new colours. The children were given red, blue and yellow paint and asked to use their imagination to create new colours. They made predictions about what the new colour would be when mixing their chosen paints. They were delighted and amazed to see the changes happen right before their eyes. They also applied some previously learned skills about how to clean and prepare their brushes before selecting from their primary colours.

Nursery child painting

We have been using the puppets to talk about our feelings and emotions. The Nursery children know that how we feel is important and that our emotions might change from day to day, or even within a day. We have begun to place our photos on the puppet that best describes how we are feeling. They are learning it’s okay to feel any and all of these emotions and to talk to our families and teachers if we are worried, scared or simply not feeling quite right.

Feelings and emotions in the nursery

We have also been learning more about where animals live and how they travel. We have used our Categorising Thinking Frame to sort the habitat of these animals.

Categorising animals in Nursery

Mrs Di Nucci, Nursery Teacher

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