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The Story Of World Book Week At Peregrines And Falcons

9th March 20

Craig Jenkins storyteller World Book Day

A Visit From Craig Jenkins, Storyteller

“On Tuesday, for World Book Week, a storyteller came in and told Years 3 & 4 a beautiful story about a lazy boy called Jack who was told by his mother to get some money for supper. On his journey, he meets some sad animals and they scare away some burglars. The story was about friendship and love, although it was also funny because the storyteller added some amusing songs in and let us join in with the story.” – Year 4 Pupil

“He acted out the story and interacted with the audience which made it a much better experience for not just the children but the adults as well.” – Year 4 Pupil

“It was magical how he put the acting into in. He put lots of effort into it.” – Year 4 Pupil

Craig Jenkins storyteller World Book Day


Dressing Up Potatoes

“Decorating the potatoes was a wonderful way for us to show how we visualised characters from our books. It was also really, really fun!” – 5K Pupil

“To help prevent further damage to the planet, we chose to decorate potatoes this year instead of buying costumes. It was really enjoyable and we got to support the environment too!” – 5K Pupil

 “It was really fun and unusual, and we chose lots of great characters. In 5D, we had Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, a Minion, Pusheen and cricketer Alastair Cook.” – 5D Pupils

World Book Day Potatoes


Reading Buddies

“On Friday, we visited EYFS and read to the younger girls. They enjoyed listening to stories, joining in and making up some actions. It was lots of fun and we loved it just as much as they did.” – 5D Pupils

Reading buddies




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