nursery matching game

Making Maths Marvellous!

21st January 21

girls playing maths game

At Peregrines Nursery School, Maths is everywhere! It is very much a part of our daily routine as we update our daily calendar, write the date, count how many children are present and then clap, jump, and wiggle this number out! We learn how to count, sequence numbers, match number to quantity and problem solve throughout our learning themes. We love to cook, and this helps the pupils with their Maths understanding in so many ways: counting, measuring, estimating, predicting! Our Woodland Animals’ Tea Party helped the children to distribute snacks fairly and equally as well as explore simple additions. Our Big Peris enjoyed rolling two dice and then adding the two numbers together to see how many snacks the animals would get.

girls playing maths game
We love numbers!

Girl playing maths game

Nursery children stir jelly
The Little Peris count to five as they mix the jelly mixture.
How many children can fit into our home-made class igloo? They predicted none but were delighted to find out that they could – although one at a time, of course!
tea party for woodland animals
Tea Party Time for Mousey, Badger Brother and Foxy Fox (Our Forest School Woodland friends).

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Provision Update

On Monday 8th March, the School will fully reopen to children in all year groups from Nursery to Year 6. In line with current national lockdown restrictions, our School site remains open only to Nursery pupils and children of critical workers. Our Remote Education provision is being provided to pupils in Reception to Year 6.

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