Busy Hands Hard At Work

5th February 21

“Play is the work of children” – Piaget

Play underpins the EYFS and therefore our learning environment provides many opportunities for this. The children build in our construction area, explore their senses during sand and water play, become doctors or shopkeepers in the home corner, share stories in the book corner and mark-make EVERYWHERE! Our Nursery pupils love to draw and write in a range of different activities, every single day. The Little Peris explore shapes and lines with pens, their fingers in sensory play or even painting with cars. The Big Peris are story tellers; they give meaning to their wonderful drawings and share their ideas with one another. They are also perfect role models for their younger peers who want to write letters and draw their mummies just like their big friends.

Large scale mark making
Large scale mark-making for the Little Peris
Nursery pupil on a keyboard and phone
Busy day at the office – answering calls and booking appointments in the diary













Indoor Mark Making
Indoor mark-making
Outdoor mark-making
Outdoor mark-making

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Provision Update

On Monday 8th March, the School will fully reopen to children in all year groups from Nursery to Year 6. In line with current national lockdown restrictions, our School site remains open only to Nursery pupils and children of critical workers. Our Remote Education provision is being provided to pupils in Reception to Year 6.

Admissions to Falcons School for Girls

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Rated ‘Excellent’ by ISI in March 2020

“Pupils display exceptional attitudes towards learning”

“Pupils are highly proficient communicators for their age”

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