Nursery Visit The Polar Regions

11th February 21

Ice games

Following on from our winter learning theme, it was off to the Polar Regions for Peregrines Nursery School! The pupils engaged in activities which required them to persist, think critically, creatively and imaginatively whilst learning about the world around them. A husky became the children’s new favourite animal – they turned into researchers and inventors as they investigated new facts and designed a sled to transport the Inuits.

In Science, bravery was required as the children learnt how Polar Bears keep warm by experimenting with lard! A lesson in safety was also taught as the pupils created their own igloos with marshmallows and a glue gun. We were delighted when it snowed as it fitted into our topic perfectly; “It’s freezing” said one of our pupils when describing the ice.

After discovering footprints in the snow led our pupils to believe the arctic may have come to us? Who could these footprints belong to? This sparked a lot of curiosity and questioning.


We used a pipe cleaner and recycled yoghurt pots to make a sled!
We used a pipe cleaner and recycled yoghurt pots to make a sled!
“This is my penguin”
“This is my penguin
Can I break the ice with a brush?




What about if I saw the ice?
Brrrr – it’s cold!