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Bringing Books to Life

4th March 21

Making Gruffalo Crumble

Although we love celebrating World Book Day and getting dressed up as our favourite characters, every single day is a celebration of books for us at Peregrines Nursery School! We adore books and they play such a huge part in our Early Years curriculum. We bring books to life as the children engage in book themed play, both indoors and outdoors. We go on Bear Hunts in our Woodland area as well as use our magical minds to create new imaginative narratives such as going on a Lion Hunt in Africa or an Elsa Hunt in the mountains!

“And his favourite food is Gruffalo Crumble” …. Book-themed learning also came to life in the kitchen recently as we made Gruffalo Crumble and gingerbread men in our Cookery sessions – “run, run, as fast you can.” The pupils at Peregrines Nursery learn that we do not just read books, we read recipes too and we need to follow steps ordered by numbers; Literacy, Mathematics, listening to instructions and turn-taking skills (to name a few) are being developed through one activity.

Our Little and Big Peris enjoy sensory play and what better way to bring Goldilocks and the Three Bears to life than oat play. The children’s imagination and knowledge of this fairytale classic bring a wealth of learning opportunities.

We also use books to support the children’s personal, social, and emotional development – our pupils are quick to empathetically notice if a behaviour from one of the characters is not very kind. We use stories to help children develop emotional literacy as they develop the vocabulary needed to verbally express themselves and how they are feeling.

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