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Mini Beast Hotel In Forest School

16th March 21

A pupil explains how she built a mini beast hotel

During this week’s Forest School sessions, girls in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 created their own mini beast hotel.

Falcons is always looking for ways to be resourceful and eco-friendly, which is why we encouraged staff and Early Years and Lower School pupils to bring in finished kitchen and toilet roll tubes from home. These acted as a solid foundation for our outdoor learning project.

Our next step was to collect the natural materials that would allow us to build the hotel further. This included a collection of twigs, leaves, pinecones, elder cones, dried roots, and bits of moss.

We carefully placed the items into the tubes, filling them to give space for even the tiniest of insects. After that, we placed the tubes in a pyramid formation and packed the sides and ends with soil to set it into place. The children decided the safest place to build the hotel was in the corner of the woodland area, so it wouldn’t be disturbed by wind, rain or any woodland visitors.

We added a sign to let visitors know about our Mini Beast Hotel. Please be sure to visit when you can!

Mrs Di Nucci, Reception Teacher and Outdoor Learning Practitioner 

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