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Colour Week at Peregrines Nursery

19th March 21

Nursery art at Peregrines

Our colours learning theme in the Nursery was a big hit this week! The pupils enjoyed getting involved in a range of colour-related activities.

We started the week with some dancing in the garden, finding the said colour when the music stopped by using large hula hoops as well as colours in the Peregrines playground. The Big Peris did very well when we included two instructions when the music stopped e.g. “Find the blue hoop and then a circle.” They learnt that there are shapes all around us, spotting a circle in the trunk of a tree and a diamond in one of the playhouses. We finished off the session with a little bit of garden yoga, practising our tree pose.

Everyone enjoyed our colour mixing activity with the nursery children keen to be independent with their colour choosing and mixing. They admired one another’s colour creations whilst exploring new names of colours such as peach and maroon – it was extremely exciting to learn that we can make new colours. The pupils were expressive with their art, creating thunderclouds and rainbows.

Peregrines Nursery painting for St Patrick's Day Peregrines Nursery painting for St Patrick's Day

On Friday, we took our morning activity to the Peregrines Garden to continue enjoying the weather. Of course, we had to include one of our favourite stories ‘The Colour Monster’ during colour week! We made kindness hearts incorporating the colours from the story using paint and our hands. Then we discussed the different emotions, teaching the children that no matter how they or their friends are feeling, it is always important to be kind to themselves and others.

Nursery art at Peregrines Nursery art at Peregrines Nursery art at Peregrines Outdoor art in nursery

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