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A Trip To ‘Titania’s Dream’ For Year 6

26th May 21

Titania's Dream

After school outings were ground to a halt last year, Year 6 were delighted to take a trip Fulham Palace for a performance of ‘Titania’s Dream’ last week! Set in the palace’s beautiful gardens, Titania’s Dream is an open-air, interactive, theatrical experience inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Our adventure began after an early lunch when we set off in our school minibus. Before we went to the palace garden, we went to Bishops Park. When we finally eagerly entered the gardens, our guide told us to look our for purple flowers called Love Divine. We were excited to go into the forest and there we stumbled across the queen of fairies ‘Titania’. She sung us a beautiful song as she perched on an ancient 500-year-old tree. Titania explained that we had a special challenge ahead of us. The challenge included following a trail to find five fairies. Next, we met Titania’s love known as Bottom and we took part in their drama lesson. Bottom’s lesson was interesting, hilarious and incredibly silly as we made a song. – 6K pupils

The whole of Year 6 went to Fulham Palace on Thursday to go and see ‘Titania’s Dream’. We were all so excited to go on a school trip as we haven’t been on one in such a long time. It was so much fun exploring the garden and taking on the challenge of trying to plant special flowers called Love Divine. It wasn’t all plain sailing—we encountered some traps along the way that had been set by the naughty fairy (Puck). He also tried to steal the flowers from us. Throughout the challenge, we had to find and scan a piece of paper and the app would tell us which fairy it was. We really recommend it this to everyone as it is amazing! Thank you so much to Jenny, Evie’s mum, for organising it for us. – 6D pupils

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