Academic achievement – What our academic goals for pupils are and how those are defined

Year in year out, we are able to create reasonable and attainable goals for our pupils, the teachers, and the school at large. At Falcons School for Girls, we understand that educating children goes beyond what goes on in the four walls of a class and the yearly curriculum. We take our children on a journey to all-round learning.

Our academic goals for our pupils have always been the same, which is to see them become the best among their peers. However, there are some goals within goals that we need to discuss in this article. If you stick around long enough, you might get caught in the web of great achievements and goals.

Why do we set goals for our pupils

As mentioned earlier, the goals we set are not only to support our pupils, even though that is of course our main concern. We set goals that make it easy for our teachers to generate and positive and engaging environment in the classroom. Below are some of the reasons why we set goals:

1. To ensure that every child is carried along
Every child in our school is important to us, regardless of who they are and where they have come from. We ensure that they are reaping all the benefits and privileges that we offer.

2. To facilitate pupil wellbeing
Pupil wellbeing is one of our major goals and it has to do with several other aspects. We do not take lightly how our pupils are faring both health-wise and in academics.

We take pastoral care very seriously in order to facilitate strong pupil wellbeing because we understand that wellbeing is a great determinant of how well they will do in academics and other areas of their life.

3. To help them beat the standards
Society has subconsciously set a standard for prep schoolers and girls, especially. We understand that standards are set for a reason. However, we have noticed in our years of practice in the educational sector that most of these standards are limitations and impediments. We set attainable goals for our pupils to help them break beyond the norm.

At this juncture, let us move to the main idea of this article, which is to list out some of our notable goals for our pupils and our achievement as an educational institution.

Academic achievement

Our most notable achievement as an educational institution will be the fact that we were able to form a strong bond with every child that has passed through our school. We have looked beyond just the academic part of schooling and have focused on some of the other important aspects of society.

We have noticed a great improvement in all our children. We have seen that they are capable of becoming self-motivated and inspired to achieve their dreams. Our pupils leave us as smart, kind, creative, confident, and cheerful individuals. This is certainly a great foundation for starting secondary school.

We pride ourselves on the success of all our children while in school and what they go on to achieve after they leave us. We value our responsibility in ensuring girls move on from us as confident and self-reliant, eager to take on challenges and solve problems to make themselves and the world a better place.

At Falcons school for Girls, we believe strongly that there is a deep connection between academics and emotions, hence our focus on building pupils that are emotionally strong. We take our pupils through several levels of emotional intelligence, encouraging them to be themselves and speak up for themselves whenever they need to.

We hope to delve further into this, creating young people with strong willpower, who will eventually create the system we all so desire. We understand that for there to be any real change in any system or sector, the foundation has to be properly set. As such, we have taken it upon ourselves to build a solid foundation using our school for girls.

What are our academic goals for our pupils and how those are defined?

As mentioned earlier, our goals are not limited to academics, even though it is very essential to us. Our main goal is to see our pupils set the pace for other academic institutions in school and other aspects of life. For this reason, we have put in place certain systems that will help us achieve that. What are the goals we have set?

1. Improved pastoral care
Without even having to mention any other thing, pastoral care covers everything that has been mentioned on this page. Emotional, social, psychological, and even physical support are important aspects of education and pupil wellbeing. We ensure that our pupils enjoy the best pastoral care by:
● Creating a caring and friendly atmosphere, where pupils feel loved and wanted for who they are and not how they look or what they can do.
● Providing the required facilities for every child, giving them access to all they need in the school.
● Taking pupils through the process of accepting social responsibilities and understanding that every challenge is a hurdle that needs to be crossed.
● Taking proper records of every activity, incident, or meeting that happens in the school that relates to pupil wellbeing.
● Keeping school staff constantly aware and reminded of the procedures for the protection of every child.

2. Scholarship opportunities
We value excellence and seek to promote it in every single one of our children. To motivate children and their parents to push for excellence, we have created scholarship programs in academics and music for pupils in Year 4 and above.

3. Improved and adaptive learning
We constantly improve everything that has to do with academics as long as there is a need to do so. This year, we are coming strong and sure with several changes and updates to our learning structures. With our learning, we have created:
● Well-suited subjects and schoolwork for our pupils
Remote education provision for children during the pandemic
● Learning support for girls that require it
● Thinking School
● And Votes for Schools, where all our pupils are given the chance to speak on current affairs that may be affecting them and the school. These matters discussed at schools nationwide before feedback is delivered.

We take our goals seriously and ensure that we achieve every one of them, as we understand that raising our standards will allow our girls to increase their own.


This article has discussed some our achievements as well as giving insight into some of our goals from the next year. You can reach out to us via the website to arrange a visit to our school and find out more about us. We hope to hear from you soon.

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