How do you register for a place?

The first step for all pupils joining the school is to complete a registration form and process the £125 registration fee.

Pupils joining in Nursery and Reception will receive offer letters in the Autumn Term, the year before they are due to start school. If there is a waiting list, places are offered to siblings and then in order of the date of registration forms being received. Girls attending Peregrines Nursery will automatically transfer into the Reception class of Falcons School for Girls. Boys attending Peregrines Nursery will have a priority place at Falcons Pre-Preparatory School in Chiswick.

Once we receive the completed form and fee, we will invite pupils joining us in Year 1 and above to spend a taster day with us. We will also request a report and reference from the child’s current school.

We do not accept registrations for unborn children.

What are the entry points to Peregrines Nursery and Falcons Girls?

Children may join Peregrines Nursery from the age of 1 (in the term they turn 2). The most common entry point to join Falcons School for Girls is in Reception (4+). However, where there are spaces we will accept applications for Years 1 to 6 and places will be offered on a case by case basis.

What is the deposit?

The deposit is £1,000 and must be paid before your child starts at the school or within 10 days of the offer being made, whichever is sooner. This will be repaid, less any money owed, when your child leaves the school. The deposit is non-refundable, should you not take up the place at the school.

When are the fees payable each term?

The fees are payable before the first day of each term. The first set of fees are paid by BACS. Thereafter all fees should be paid by direct debit.

Are there any additional costs to the school fees?

The school fees include snacks, lunches and day trips. There are additional costs for extra-curricular activities, the minibus, instrumental and LAMDA lessons and residential trips.

Are lunches included in Nursery sessions?

Lunches are included in the morning fee. Should your child not be staying for the afternoon session, they will need collecting at 12.30pm.

What is the fee increase each year?

The fees generally increase in line with inflation each year. Parents are informed of the fee increase in the Spring Term preceding the Autumn Term in which the increase takes effect.

Do you have a sibling policy?

Siblings are offered priority places as soon as they have registered. This applies if there are siblings at any school within the Falcons Family of schools (Falcons School for Girls, Falcons Pre-Preparatory for Boys and Falcons Preparatory for Boys).

Do you offer sibling discounts?

We offer a 20% reduction on the eldest child’s fees for families with three children at any school within the Falcons group.

Do you offer any scholarships or bursaries?

We offer Music and Academic scholarships to pupils in Year 4 which last throughout the pupil’s time at the school. The scholarship assessments take place at the end of the Spring Term of Year 3.

Bursaries are available from Alpha Plus Group’s charity partner, the Gold Standard Charitable Trust. These are means tested and could be up to a 100% fee reduction. All applications for bursaries must be endorsed by the Headmistress and the awards are reviewed on a termly basis. Bursary applications must be received by the December in the academic year before your child is due to join the school.

Are you a selective school?

We consider all children for admission to the school who have the ability and aptitude to access an academic curriculum. As part of the application process, girls applying for Years 1 and 2 will have an informal chat with the Headmistress. For those applying for a place in Year 3 or above, the Headmistress will conduct an interview and there will also be a short assessment.


How many spaces are available in each year group?

Our facilities allow us to offer up to 32 places per year group and 16 per class.

Which year groups accept boys?

The only co-educational provision we offer is in Peregrines Nursery. The Reception to Year 6 classes accept girls only.

Is my child eligible for an Early Years Grant?

All children aged 3 to 4 are eligible for the Government’s 15 hours free early education. This funding is collected by the school on behalf of the parents and deducted from invoiced fees. You are able to collect this funding the term after your child’s third birthday until the end of the term your child turns five. Each term we will ask you to sign a form confirming that you have received the funding and the number of hours your child attends. We will then keep these forms on file for auditing purposes.

Please contact finance@falconsgirls.co.uk for any queries regarding Early Years funding.

Does the school accept childcare vouchers?

We are able to accept childcare vouchers for children under five (to the end of the first term following their fifth birthday). After this we are not allowed to accept childcare vouchers as payment for education.

Does my child have to attend a set number of sessions at Peregrines Nursery?

It is compulsory for all children in the Nursery to attend five morning sessions a week. We also ask that you commit by the start of each term to a set number of afternoons, with the option of adding the occasional afternoon on an ad’hoc basis. By the Summer term, we believe it is in nursery children’s best interests that they attend full days in preparation for Reception. Lunch is included in the cost of the morning sessions.

What are the timings of the school day?

Peregrines Nursery School

7:30am – Breakfast Club
8:35am – Registration
8:45am – Lessons begin
10:15-10:35am – Break time
12:00pm – Lunch for all Nursery pupils
12:30pm –  Morning session ends. Parents should collect their child at this point unless they are staying for the afternoon session.
12:30-3:30pm – Afternoon session
3:30pm – Sundowners after school care begins
5:00pm – Supper
6:00pm – After school care ends

Falcons School for Girls

8:00-8:20am – Free before school care begins
8:20 – School opens
8:35-8:45 – Registration.
8:45am – Lessons begin
10:15-10:35am – Break time
12:05-1:05pm – Lunch
1.10-1:20pm – Afternoon registration
1:20pm – Afternoon lessons begin
3:20pm – School finishes.
3:30pm – After school care opens/clubs start
4:30pm – All clubs finish.
5:00pm – Free after school care ends.
6:00pm – After school care ends

Do you offer before and after school care?

We offer Breakfast Club from 7.30 to 8:30am for Nursery children only. This must be booked in advance.

We also offer a free early drop-off option from 8:00am every day for children in all year groups. You do not need to book in advance to attend this option.

Our After School Care is open every day until 6:00pm. It is free until 5:00pm and has a nominal cost of £10 attached, should you wish your child to stay after 5:00pm.

Do all children have a school lunch?

Yes, all children are provided with a school lunch. We believe that eating lunch with others is an important part of developing good eating habits and social skills. Our catering staff cater for all medical needs and allergens, enabling all pupils to have a school lunch. Snacks are also provided meaning that children do not need to bring any food into school.

Where can I purchase the school uniform?

Our uniform is supplied by Sogans which is based in Fulham near Charing Cross Hospital. They also accept orders over the phone and online. The Parents and Friends’ Association also regularly hold second hand uniform sales.

Do you run a school minibus service?

Yes, we run one minibus in the morning and one in the afternoon. The route and stops are reviewed yearly after consultation with parents. For the full bus route for this academic year, please see the bus route page.

How much does the minibus cost per term?

The cost for 2021-22 is £500 per term and places are booked on a first come, first served basis.

How do you prepare the girls for entry into senior schools?

At Falcons Girls, we are not just preparing our pupils to achieve excellence in their 11+ exams, we are preparing them to thrive at their new setting. Pupils will start lessons in verbal and non-verbal reasoning in Year 2 and by the end of Year 5, the girls have been taught all of the primary school curriculum. This enables us to revisit the learning, build on the pupils’ strengths, target individual areas that need more work and to master the examination process in Year 6. We also offer specialised interview practice, with external interviewers coming in to give the girls an authentic experience of what their senior school interview may be like. In addition, internal interviews are carried out by Falcons’ senior members of staff, offering feedback on interview techniques.

What is your approach to homework?

At Falcons, we believe that homework is an important part of the education we offer. Homework provides an opportunity for parents and their child to work together and see the progress she is making. It is also good preparation for expectations in senior school and encourages good work habits for the future.

Homework set is linked to current class topics and aims to consolidate much of the learning taking place in school. The amount of homework set will increase gradually as the pupils move through the school, with the expectation that Mental Maths and spellings will be practised every day from Year 1. By the end of Year 3, the girls are set a different homework activity each night of the week ranging from Mental Maths, spellings and comprehension to an extended writing piece over the weekend. All homework is due in the next day unless otherwise specified and the pupils record the homework in their diaries. From Reception, we also encourage our pupils to read with a parent every day.

We give pupils the opportunity to complete their homework at school at Homework Club which runs every Monday to Friday from 3:45 to 5:00pm and is led by a member of staff.

What languages do you offer?

Pupils in Nursery to Year 2 learn Spanish and will continue to do so throughout their time at Falcons School for Girls. Pupils in Years 4 to 6 learn French but this will be phased out year-on-year so eventually the whole school will be learning Spanish. Speedy French is offered to pupils in Years 4-6 with the aim of achieving a DELF (Diploma in French Language Studies).

A combination of Latin and Classical Civilization is taught from Year 3.

How do you support Able, Gifted and Talented pupils?

Falcons is committed to identifying Able, Gifted and Talented pupils. Identification is continuous; it is a whole-school process which is flexible to include pupils who join the school part way through the academic year, or are late or early developers.

Once a pupil has been identified as Able, Gifted or Talented, subject leads and teachers ensure that they are extended and challenged in their lessons, providing opportunity to broaden and deepen their understanding. They are encouraged to develop reasoning and enquiry skills through applying knowledge and skills in different contexts, extended projects, higher order-thinking questioning and opportunities to take part in events and competitions. We ensure that every child reaches their full potential by providing enriching and significant challenge and support through their schooling.

How do you support pupils with English as an additional language?

Pupils who are not fluent in English are assessed on entry to the school to ensure the correct level of support is offered. Pupils tend to make rapid progress independently in the classroom; however, extra support is available if the school feels the pupil needs intervention.

How do you support pupils with SEND?

The SENDCo works closely with the class teachers to ensure all learning is differentiated according to the needs and abilities of the individual. Pupils that have an underlying learning difficulty, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, may need some targeted intervention with our SENDCo outside of the classroom; otherwise we believe that the most progress is made by pupils working alongside their peers, within the mainstream curriculum. The school works closely with parents when identifying any additional needs and in developing a suitable programme to meet those needs, including outside agencies offering specialist support.

What is your anti-bullying policy?

We have a ‘no tolerance’ approach on bullying. The anti-bullying statement is displayed in each classroom and we recite our anti-bullying oath each Friday during school assembly. Our staff is trained in anti-bullying and we promote anti-bullying in PSHEE lessons. We take part in the national Anti-Bullying Week every year. Our anti-bullying policy is available to parents. If we feel there are any issues with bullying we address them with the pupils and parents where necessary straight away.

We also implement the ‘Girls On Board’ approach which helps girls, their parents and their teachers to understand the dynamics of female friendships and provides the pupils with the tools to find their own solutions to any fallouts that will undoubtedly, at some point appear through their school years. We start to use the ‘Girls On Board’ approach from Year 4 upwards but will take some elements of the programme to use for the younger pupils where necessary.

Which sports do you offer?

In Nursery to Year 1 the pupils’ PE and Games lessons focus on developing the children’s hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and core physical skills such as standing on one leg. From Year 2 upwards the pupils play Netball in the Autumn Term, Hockey in the Spring Term and Athletics and Cricket in the Summer Term. All pupils are taught gymnastics in their PE lessons throughout the year and selected pupils take part in cross country races and swimming galas. Alongside our curriculum Games lesson we also offer clubs in football, cricket, table tennis, fencing, street dance and running, with the sports available depending on the term.

Do the pupils attend swimming lessons during the school day?

Pupils attend swimming lessons throughout the school year in Reception to Year 2. Year 3 will also attend swimming in the Autumn and Spring Terms. Pupils in the Nursery, Years 4, 5 and 6 do not attend swimming lessons at school. However, selected pupils from Years 3-6 are provided with the opportunity to represent the school in local swimming galas.

Which extra-curricular activities do you offer?

We offer a varied programme of after-school activities from street dance to instrumental ensembles and crafts to chess. The clubs we offer vary each term and are booked on a termly basis. Many of these clubs have additional costs attached to them.

Do you offer instrumental lessons?

We have a highly qualified team of peripatetic instrumental staff. These staff teach individual pupils throughout the school day as well as small ensemble groups before school and during lunchtime. Many of our pupils take the recognised music exams and do very well. Instrumental lessons are an additional cost and six weeks’ notice must be given if you wish to withdraw your child from the lessons.

How many trips a year do pupils take?

Once a term, every year group will go on an educational offsite day trip that complements their learning in class. These range from going to Kew Gardens and the National Portrait Gallery to the park across the road for a ‘Listening Walk’. We also have an annual whole school Christmas theatre trip.

In the Summer Term, there is an annual residential trip week. Girls in Years 3 to 5 go away to an outdoor activity centre for a few nights. For some girls this might be their first time away from home so they are never too far from London. Year 6 travel abroad for a week to allow them to experience other cultures and languages.

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