Nursery Admissions

Peregrines Nursery is a co-educational nursery for boys and girls attached to Falcons School for Girls. It is situated between Putney and Barnes in a leafy conservation area in south west London. We welcome children as soon as they turn three and pupils can join us at any point in the school year.

Girls attending Peregrines Nursery will automatically transfer to Falcons School for Girls for Reception and boys will be offered a priority place at Falcons Boys in Richmond or Falcons Pre-Prep in Chiswick as long as the school can meet their educational needs.

Peregrines Nursery Sessions

The morning session runs from 8:30am to 12:00pm.

The afternoon session runs from 12:00pm to 3:15pm and children join the pupils at Falcons School for Girls for Lunch.

It is compulsory for all pupils in the Nursery to attend five morning sessions a week. We ask that you commit by the start of each term to a set number of afternoons, should you wish to attend these sessions, with the option to add the occasional afternoon on an ad hoc basis. By the Summer term before a pupil is due to start Reception, we believe it is in the Nursery children’s best interests that they attend full days in preparation for Reception.

Early Years Funding

We take part in the Universal 15 hours free childcare for Early Years scheme  provided by Wandsworth Council. Contributions  from this scheme are provided up to and including the term of your child’s fifth birthday.

Come and see us!

We would be delighted to show you the school, to allow you to meet our staff and children, see our wonderful facilities and gauge for yourselves the happy, kind and productive atmosphere we provide.

We also host regular Come and Play sessions for parents with toddlers and pre-schoolers. These sessions are run to allow children to come and spend time in the Nursery environment. Each session will involve a mixture of craft activities, toddler friendly obstacle courses, singing and time in the mud kitchen. We encourage parents to bring a friend and come to meet other local parents to!


If you are considering Peregrines Nursery, we strongly advise that you apply as early as possible to be guaranteed an offer of a place.  Registration may be processed by completing the registration form and returning it to the school, along with the fee of £125.00. Depending on availability, you will be offered a place the year before you are due to start or if you are applying mid-year, immediately, once your registration form and fee have been received.

For any queries regarding admission to Falcons School for Girls, please contact the Head of Admissions:

Mrs Harriet Stokes
+44(0)20 8992 5189

For further information, please consult our Admissions policy.

Come and Play

Come and join us for our first Come and Play session of the year on Thursday 14th November between 9:15 and 10:15am. These are very informal sessions for toddlers and pre-schoolers to come and spend time in our nursery environment with their parents. To register your interest please email: or complete an enquiry form here.

We look forward to seeing you there!