Benefits Of Single Sex Education

Education is one of the building blocks to a successful future both for the child and for the nation at large. Proper attention must be paid to all the processes that help children develop their minds as they grow. The environment for learning is one of those important aspects that need attention and we will be looking at that.

Putting your child in an all-girls school or an all-boys school can be considered to have some downsides. However, the benefits are far greater and those are what we will look at in closer detail. Before we delve fully into that, we should first look briefly into what single-sex education really is.

What is single-sex education?

Single-sex education is simply an educational system or institution where only one gender is allowed. For example, you will find a girls’ school where no boys are admitted and in some other areas, you will find a boys’ school where no girls are allowed.

Some educational institutions have both boys’ schools and girls’ schools but in different locations. The motive is to create a comfortable learning environment for both the children and teachers.

The benefits of single-sex education

Below are some of the notable benefits of single-sex education that you may have observed if your child is already in the system. If your child is not already in the system, see below for some of the benefits.

1. It creates a comfortable learning environment
Single-sex education and single-sex institutions make it easier for children to stay comfortable and focused on schoolwork. Single-sex institutions ensure that they place a lot of emphasis on this aspect as it encourages better learning in children.

How does single-sex education provide a comfortable environment? It is quite simple. Children don’t have to worry about how to behave or what to say because of the presence of the other gender. They have fewer worries about their appearance.

This advantage is more evident in all-girls schools, where girls don’t have to feel the subconscious need to impress boys or anything of that nature. They don’t have to feel weird or awkward for dressing in a particular way or talking about heartfelt situations. Children can enjoy total freedom and relaxation whenever they are in school.

2. Lesser comparison
It is very common in mixed schools for male children to be compared to their female counterparts or the other way round. It may be in the rules and regulations of the school for that not to happen; however, it can be challenging to strictly enforce this, especially among the children.

Single-sex education also creates equal opportunities and challenges for the children, especially in co-curricular activities such as sports, music, and clubs. In sports activities, children can challenge their peers and not the opposite gender, who may be stronger due to biological build. They are encouraged to be their best at all times.

3. Less bullying
Bullying doesn’t always have to cause physical hurt. Sometimes, it is more emotional and psychological than physical. In a girls’ school, bullying can happen among the children; however, it is greatly reduced compared to when the children are mixed. There will also definitely be fewer things to bully each other about.

For example, in mixed schools, children of the same gender could bully or get bullied by their peers for looking a kind of way and not being able to attract the other gender. These negative actions and effects are cut short by single-sex education and institutions as they are less likely to happen.

4. More freedom of speech
Single-sex education allows children to easily express themselves in the presence or absence of anyone without worrying about what the other gender might think. Children are also given a chance to speak about the issues they face in their classrooms or the school at large.

5. Reduction of the double-standard
Girls usually face these issues the most in mixed schools, especially when it has to do with dressing and some other lifestyle choices.

Stereotypically, when it comes to mathematics, boys have the upper hand, while in language matters, girls come on top of the list. This can result in a situation where children are constantly compared with one another, instead of being allowed to go at their own pace.

6. It doesn’t prevent children from familiarizing themselves with the other gender
It is called education for a reason. Learning is limitless. Children can reach out to other children and are encouraged to do that after school as well as through co-educational opportunities in music, drama and workshops. Pupils are not given a negative idea of the other gender and can mingle freely and comfortably with them.

Children are only provided with an environment that lets them study in comfort and style. However, it doesn’t end at just studying. Education has other aspects that children need to build on and some of them include social, emotional, and psychological development. Mingling with the other gender outside the school environment helps children achieve these other aspects and should be encouraged.

Why is single-sex education becoming more relevant and prevalent?

Single-sex education has begun to gain ground all over the world and that is thanks to the recognition of the benefits by parents, government bodies, and educational institutions. Some of the reasons boys/girls schools are becoming more accepted are:

  • Government support
  • Can be easier with disciplinary issues
  • Reduction in the gender gap
  • Reducing gender stereotypes
  • Understanding that different genders learn and assimilate differently
  • Creating a balanced environment.

Do students perform better with single-sex education?

Having looked at all the benefits of taking children through single-sex education, it is obvious that an improvement is bound to occur once all mixed school barriers are removed. Although there is no single-best way to learn, taking out obstacles that are capable of hindering the effectiveness of learning will go a long way in helping a child perform better in the long run and that is what single-sex education offers.


Single-sex education is a great way to help children perform better on matters regarding academics and other co-curricular activities. The major benefit is the reduction of distraction, which is very common among students in co-education as children naturally and sometimes, subconsciously, try to impress and attract the

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