How does a prep school prepare your child for secondary education?

In this article, we will discuss how prep schools do just that – prepare their pupils for the next steps in their education, as well as ensuring they are developing into well-rounded, kind, confident and happy individuals.

How does Falcons cater to the individual learning needs of pupils and get them prepared for senior school?

As the prep school name suggests, curriculums at schools of this kind are geared towards preparing pupils for a smooth transition into senior education. Prep schools benefit from having a wide range of resources to tend to each child individually and ensure that they are making continual progress. At Falcons Girls schools, we offer our pupils a broad spectrum of opportunities, beyond the traditional academic subjects, allowing them to engage in their interests and explore new passions.

Read below for more detail on how we cater to our pupils’ needs at Falcons and give them the best educational start.

1. We lay a very strong foundation for learning up to the age of 11
Using a combination of academic rigour and creative, sporting and social opportunities, we provide a very strong foundation for children as they grow and develop towards their teenage years. At Falcons Girls, we truly feel that our children should be in a Prep environment that nurtures them till the end of Year 6, which is why we continue to have a strong reputation for our pastoral care.

2. Learning Support
Prep schools are often considered to have smaller class sizes, however this is not always the case. At Falcons, our small classes allow us to tailor our teaching to meet the needs of individuals – something that is simply not possible in classes of many children. Classes are made up of no more than 16 pupils with a maximum of 32 per year group. We also have a SENDCo who works closely with children who require additional learning support, both in groups and one-to-one.

3. We seek to recognize potential and talent
Falcons School for Girls identifies potential from very early ages, and actively encourages children that are gifted to apply for scholarships. celebrate these talents using scholarships. We provide these scholarships in two forms – Academic and Music, and scholars receive a fee remission. We also have an Able, Gifted and Talented programme, with all teachers a responsible for identifying children that particularly excel in a certain subject.

We understand that all children are special, unique, and different. Whether they are scholars or on our AGT programme or not, we encourage all children to pursue what interests them and flourish academically as well as in sports, music, drama and languages.

4. Learning is not limited to the classroom
We all know that education should not be confined to the classroom only. We are grateful to benefit from large outside spaces including two playgrounds including a pirate ship, and an on-site Forest School. We have a common called The Pleasance just outside of the school grounds for activities such as cross country and use a local sports ground for Games lessons. Furthermore, given our proximity to both central London, we are able to accommodate educational trips to the theatre and museums as well as beauty spots such as Kew Gardens. These co-curricular opportunities aid learning in the classroom and provide an alternative way to engage with current learning topics.

5. Your children grow in a global community.
At Falcons Girls School, we continually celebrate diversity, welcoming students from many different nations. We appreciate that our school may be the first that a child has experienced in the UK and therefore seek to make them feel at home. Our school very much has a family feel where everyone, regardless of race, background or religion is equal. Throughout the year, we embrace several different religions, cultures, and beliefs, learning about and celebrating key dates in calendars from different parts of the world. We also actively ensure our curriculum incorporates current affairs with weekly Votes for Schools sessions and our library has an ever-growing list of books that have diverse storylines and characters.

6. We encourage them to take responsibility
Responsibility is something that is understood and instilled to a further extend as girls move up the school. Rather than being on the receiving end of education only, girls are active and vocal at the heart of the school community, with a say on what they feel works and how it could be improved. We have a pupil voice where children are able to write down ideas and thoughts about everything from the school’s lunch options to how to become even more eco-friendly. We have a Deputy Head and Head Girls as well as numerous Year 6 pupils also taking on roles as captains, including for Houses, Art, Public Speaking and Events. These positions encourage them think creatively, discuss ideas that will positively impact the school with teachers and friends and ultimately allow them to act as role models for younger peers.

7. Excellence in English
English is a very critical aspect of a prep school timetable. Pupils are introduced to a range of writing styles, authors, and genres from an early age, broadening their understanding of literature and language. At Falcons Girls School, we focus on comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and reading, all of which are necessary to build a strong foundation for girls’ further education.

Using the above steps, we are fully committed to ensuring children develop academically, creatively and socially, striking a balance of academic rigour with co-curricular opportunities. With small class sizes and a reputation for excellent pastoral care, we also ensure girls individual needs are understood and met, in and out of the classroom.

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