Prioritising Pupil Wellbeing at Falcons School for Girls

Among many other things, pupil wellbeing is of paramount importance in any educational institution. At Falcons School for Girls, we take this 10 times more seriously than any other institution that you know. This is because it is one of the reasons we have a separate school for only girls in the first place.

On this page, you will find points that support how importantly we view pupil wellbeing and how we as an educational institution have made strategic steps to ensure that our pupils are not only physically well but also mentally and emotionally secure.

Why is pupil wellbeing important?

Before we delve into the steps and measures we have taken to ensure pupil wellbeing at our school for girls, we need to first delineate the importance of pupil wellbeing so that you can see why we consider this an important aspect of our educational institution and the system at large.

1. To ensure proper learning
A healthy pupil is one who can easily retain information. A retentive memory is a result of healthy eating, healthy lifestyle choices, and proper care for the mind. At Falcons School for Girls, we ensure that the children are taken through activities that can improve their mental capabilities as that facilitates learning.

2. To instil a culture of wellness in pupils
Children pick up most of their habits from what they experience in society. Since this is the case, why not take them through a culture of wellness so that when they grow, they cultivate that habit? We know that the children are going to be pillars of the future and we ensure that we create a proper bedrock for them to stand on.

3. Healthy lifestyle
Nothing beats a healthy lifestyle. It forms the basis of whatever we do or become. It goes way beyond just what you eat. A healthy lifestyle involves where you go, how you eat, how you sleep, how you work your body out, and several other factors. It is important to us to engrain into our students the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The benefits of pupil well-being are far-reaching you may well begin to notice some of them in your children when they start with us. Continuing on, we will also look at some of the ways in which we attend to pupil wellbeing.

How do we attend to our pupil wellbeing?

Below are some of the measures we have put in place to ensure that the wellbeing of our pupils remains of paramount importance:

1. Using Pupil Voice
Pupil Voice is an arrangement that we have put in place to give courage to every child and help them become more expressive of their emotions and thoughts. With the pupil voice, children are given the opportunity to write their experiences, complaints, and feelings about their environment including the playgrounds and catering, their classes, school community or even their teachers.
It doesn’t stop there. Pupils are also encouraged to share their thoughts on how they think the system can serve them better. The school takes the suggestions of these children into proper consideration to ensure that the school is suitable enough to promote pupil wellbeing.

2. Educating children on the importance of wellbeing
We let our children know why it is important that they take their wellbeing seriously. We show them how everything we do in life is connected, directly or indirectly, to our wellbeing. We also have a wellbeing hub which provides a warm, friendly space for children to express themselves when they feel overwhelmed or worried.

3. Prevention of bullies
As much as we may all frown at bullying, we appreciate that sometimes fallouts happen between children. Our small class sizes allow us to keep a close eye on children who may be feeling left out (or excluding themselves) from class and social activities. We operate a strict no-bullying policy and aim to ensure girls talk through their feelings to dissipate any further issues.

4. Safeguarding and prevention
At Falcons School for Girls, safeguarding the interests of every child is one of our top priorities. Every child, no matter their culture/race, religion, sexual orientation, age, or special needs/disability, are given proper protection for danger, harm, or abuse. This duty to safeguard our students goes beyond what we see in the school. We put an eye out for every child’s wellbeing and safety even outside the school environment.

5. Paying attention to their health
At Falcons school for girls, we understand that academic, sporting and creative success cannot be achieved if health and wellbeing are not at their best. We want our children to be the best at everything they put their mind to, so we ensure that they’re physically, mentally, and socially prepared for it.

6. Co-curricular activities
Falcons School for Girls may be a school however, we don’t limit our children’s learning ability to what happens in the four walls of a classroom. We take our children through different levels of learning as we have observed that through co-curricular exercises, children can learn new things, make new friends, and discover their talents.

Some of our co-curricular activities include sports, music, trips, and travel. These activities are not compulsory and children may choose to develop skills in an activity they are really interested in.
We also understand that preferences can change, especially in children, as they are constantly trying out different things to find out which one suits them best. For this reason, we are continually updating our extra-curricular program.

7. Co-Ed opportunities
We understand the importance of having children associate with the opposite gender. We understand that girls and boys learn differently and need to learn at their own pace.
With our co-ed opportunities, we allow the girls from Falcons School for Girls to associate with the boys from Falcons Prep for Boys on certain occasions. This helps them share ideas and partner in certain projects.


At the Falcons School for Girls, pupil wellbeing is one of our topmost priorities and we always ensure that we pay proper and undivided attention to that. We take our attention beyond the four walls of the school into the home of the child to ascertain that they are thriving both in and outside of the classroom. Using all these strategies and more, we assure you that your child is in the best hands.

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