Learning Support

At FSG we are firmly committed to inclusivity and to giving every pupil the best possible education. We consider all children for admission to the school who have the ability and aptitude to access an academic curriculum. Pupils whose SEND are suited to the curriculum are welcome provided that we have the appropriate resources and facilities to provide them with the support that they require.

Where a child’s SEND is identified, or develops, after the child has started at the school, we will support the pupil as long as:

  1. we have the appropriate resources and facilities to provide them with the support they require,
  2. we believe it is in the best interest of the child and of the school community to remain at the school.

Admissions Process for pupils with SEND

Before a place is offered at the school (and preferably prior to application):

  • Parents must disclose to the school any known or suspected circumstances relating to their child’s health, development, allergies, disabilities and learning difficulties. The school reserves the right to subsequently withdraw any place offered based on incomplete disclosure of known or suspected SEND circumstances.
  • Based on such disclosure, the school will confirm whether or not it is able to fully meet the needs of the child.

Principles and aims

The SENCo works closely with all staff to ensure:

  • all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • all learning is differentiated according to the needs and abilities of the individual
  • pupils with SEND are encouraged to take as full a part as possible in all school activities
  • pupils with SEND, whenever possible, are educated alongside their peers within the mainstream curriculum
  • pupils with SEND that would benefit from specialist withdrawn support receive weekly one to one or small group teaching sessions.
  • school work closely with parents when identifying any additional needs and in developing a suitable programme to meet those needs
  • school work closely with any outside agencies that may be needed to offer specialist support.

Private Tours Available

Come and See Us

We are offering private tours for those who are looking for an occasional place this academic year or entry in September 2021. To arrange your tour and to meet with our Headmistress, Mrs Sara Williams-Ryan, please email admissions@falconsgirls.co.uk or call 020 8992 5189.

Rated ‘Excellent’ by ISI in March 2020

“Pupils display exceptional attitudes towards learning”

“Pupils are highly proficient communicators for their age”

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