Falcons Rules


Every member of our school community – pupils, parents and teachers – abides by five simple rules:

  1. Falcons Girls are kind.
  2. Falcons Girls are hardworking.
  3. Falcons listen.
  4. Falcons Girls are honest.
  5. Falcons Girls respect property.

Girls are rewarded for upholding the Falcons Rules with ‘Falcons Time’ (a free play period organised by House Captains) and House Points.


The Falcons School for Girls regards any form of bullying as harmful and unacceptable. We believe that everyone has a right to feel safe. The school does not tolerate bullying of any kind.

All of the staff and pupils at The Falcons School for Girls abide by the school’s anti-bullying oath, the Power of One:

I will not bully others

I will not stand by while others are bullied

I will report bullying whenever I see it

Because I have the Power of One

Inspectors have praised behaviour at Falcons Girls:

Parents consider pastoral care to be one of the strong aspects of the school.

The school has a clear behaviour policy which rewards good behaviour and praises improvement. The procedures promote good relationships, so that the community can work together with the common purpose of helping everyone to learn. The Falcons Rules are upheld through a series of clearly defined rewards and sanctions which are flexible to take account of individual circumstances. Parents value this aspect of the school’s provision and in the school’s own analysis of parents’ views there was overwhelming support for the statement ‘The children at Falcons School for Girls behave well’. Staff and pupils have a high level awareness of the dangers of bullying and the school is active in its promotion of an anti-bullying ethos. Measures to prevent bullying are strong. The anti-bullying oath is repeated at assemblies and promoted throughout the school. (ISI, June 2011)

Private Tours Available

Come and See Us

We are offering private tours for those who are looking for an occasional place this academic year or entry in September 2021. To arrange your tour and to meet with our Headmistress, Mrs Sara Williams-Ryan, please email admissions@falconsgirls.co.uk or call 020 8992 5189.

Rated ‘Excellent’ by ISI in March 2020

“Pupils display exceptional attitudes towards learning”

“Pupils are highly proficient communicators for their age”

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