Pre-Prep Curriculum

In Pre-Reception, the girls broadly follow the National Curriculum Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals. Lessons are ‘hands-on’, using structured play, equipment and games, but with an emphasis on teaching the key reading, writing and Mathematical skills they will need in the lower school.  The curriculum continues to build upon the firm foundations established in Pre- Reception throughout the Reception year. Classes are ‘safe’, nurturing environments where every girl has the opportunity to thrive.

Progressing into Years 1 and 2, the girls follow a curriculum that combines the best elements of the National Curriculum with a programme tailored for the specific needs of preparation for the 11+ examinations. Our talented staff teach lively, stimulating lessons drawing on a wide variety of learning styles and the latest technology, ensuring that we meet the learning needs of every pupil. We have high expectations for all of our pupils, and are already teaching the majority of pupils ‘ahead of year’ with a view to meeting the challenge of the 11+ examinations in Year 6. The class are with their form teacher for the majority of lessons, with specialist teachers for PE, Art, Ballet, Gymnastics, French and Music.