Year 2

The curriculum covered in Year Two works to consolidate the key learning objectives introduced in Year One and to build towards the transition into Key Stage 2. By revisiting literacy and mathematics topics and concepts the pupils are allowed time to build, grow and flourish; and to become confident and experienced learners. A lot of emphasis is placed on reading; focused reading sessions, comprehension and timetabled library slots build the pupils’ love for reading and develops their ability to decipher a text, to read for meaning and to enjoy fiction. The pupils also begin to compose creative pieces of writing for an audience and purpose; tackling the concepts of featuring character, setting and a ‘problem’ in each of their stories. In mathematics the pupils are guided towards a sound sense of number and the number system, quick mental agility and confidence with formal assessments.

Alongside the core curriculum, pupils in Year Two will enjoy a full curriculum; enjoying science, the arts and a varied physical education program. They will have access to hands on technology, tablets, laptops and interactive screens aim to make the best of educational applications and websites to enhance the learning experience.

The pupils will also enjoy many field trips which relate directly to their learning. The Science Museum, Kew Gardens and special school visits from authors and musicians add to the pupils’ sense of enjoyment and inspiration. These occasions as well as much of their end of project publications are stored on the school’s learning platform so that parents and relations can see the amazing work that they create through the year.