Prep school – Top 5 reasons to enrol your child

Many parents are making an effort to enable their children to learn the essential skills in a world that continues to change, often opting to select a private school education. In this article, we discuss the reasons parents are selecting prep schools for their children.

Top Five Reasons to Enroll your child in Prep School.

1. Enriched Academic Opportunities.
One of the benefits of private schools is that they provide challenging and exceptional experiences to the education of each child. This is achieved through extracurricular activities that come with an independent education.

Students that attend prep school end up scoring more marks from standardized college tests and entrance exams.

2. Smaller Classes and Community environment
From the Fraser Institute survey, about 62% of these parents that have children in the prep school system stated that they genuinely believe that being in a prep school motivates, nurtures, and supports their children. Many pupils also stated that the friendships they have created during prep education have lasted them until after graduation. There’s a great sense of pride, which is usually instilled in the alumni. This makes excellent networking opportunities for people as they enter the workforce.

A study was done on the class size, and this study was obtained education specialists, David Berliner and Bruce Bidder In 2002. The research stated that if a class is small, the students’ average grades would be better than those that attend classes where the students are much higher in number.

Pupils can also enjoy the gains and benefits from small schools much more than that of prominent schools and classes. Prep schools’ style of teaching allows educators to individually help these students in weak areas and it also helps them advance in their strengths.

3. More Involvement of Parents and Ample resources
Prep schools have much more expansive resources at their fingertips to support their students’ learning in classrooms, as well as in science labs, art studios, and sports fields for example. Parent associations may contribute ideas on these and even support them financially through fundraisers. These resources allow them to provide high-quality education in and out of the classroom to help students develop their skills and talent in different areas.

These prep schools are well supported by parents with open communication between administration and the wider school community. It is a priority to involve parents in the community, from teacher-parent meetings to social events like family camping weekends and breakfasts with parents. There’s also the participation of parent committees in the initiatives to raise funds. Families turn to an essential part of the education of their children. This ground helps in strengthening the bonds between the parent and the child.

4. Dedicated Teachers
Teachers are dedicated to seeing pupils develop as well as being passionate and qualified in their subjects. They usually hold great degrees in their fields. Students enjoy having good relationships with their teachers ad look up to them as role models.
Small classes allow staff members to provide children with more guidance and help, enhancing the educational experience for all.

5. Your children enjoy a safe environment, and there is the Presence of Extracurricular activities.
Many parents value an education that’s fully rounded, and they encourage participation in extracurriculars like clubs, arts, music, and sports. This involvement helps in the stimulation of students in their studies. These are noted from studies done at Stanford University, which found that students involved in the arts were way more motivated to learn and were three times more likely to win attendance awards. Some of these students have stated that some of these extracurricular activities have become a huge part of their lives. Some of them ventured into these curricula, and then they left academics and thrived in ways they never expected. These have aided in making them more focused and relieves them from the stress of partaking in academics. This also develops and grants them skills that they wouldn’t have obtained if only focused on academics.

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