Prep School

As the girls graduate to the Prep section of the school, we see them develop their strengths to become truly independent learners, increasingly taking responsibility in their studies and wider school life. Lessons prepare girls for success at 11+ through a balance of academic rigour and creativity. Every member of our Falcons family follows two simple rules, work hard and be kind.

Girls enjoy lessons in all of the subjects you would expect to find at a Preparatory school
such as Mathematics, English, Science, Drama and Art as well as others you may not
expect, for example Philosophy, Coding and Mandarin. The curriculum is further enhanced
with a programme of trips and educational visits. As well as this we provide a rich extra-curricular programme that ranges from Cookery to Yoga. Small classes, specialist teachers and a pupil leadership program ensures all girls flourish at Falcons.

“These primary years are so very precious – not just to the pupils but also to their parents. We want our entire school community to embrace this experience and know, absolutely, how important they are. Falcons Girls and their families cherish this chapter, as we cherish them.” Mrs Ashworth Jones

All girls in Year Six have the opportunity to become prefects. We hold an annual ‘Head Girl’ election, where the pupils chose which girl best personifies our values.