Year 3

Throughout the year we develop the girls’ independence skills encouraging them to organise and pack their own bags and kit for sports. This is supported through the use of resources and prompts e.g. a book mark of the different kit needed on each day.

Over the year the girls revise and build upon subjects and topics taught in Key Stage One.  This is to ensure they have a good understanding and can explain their thinking.

In English your daughter will write for different audiences including recounts, retelling alternative fairy tales, newspaper articles, poetry and stories.  We spend time developing the use of adjectives, similes and imagery to create atmosphere. In reading we focus on vocabulary and the phrases used by the author to develop a deeper understanding of the text.

In maths, we continue to lay the ground work for more formal written methods e.g. column addition and subtraction, the bus stop and multiplication grid method.  We use kinaesthetic activities to support abstract concepts e.g. time, perimeter and parallel/perpendicular lines.  Your daughter will continue to learn their Times Tables, using and applying theses to solve problems.

In humanities your daughter studies the period in history from The Stone Age through to the Vikings. They will complete research through primary and secondary resources, creating models of historical artefacts e.g. Skate Brae, a Roman Chariot and Stone Age jewellery. Your daughter will learn in geography about the earth and its formation including volcanoes and earthquakes, how we can improve our local environment, focussing on recycling and minimising pollution. In the summer term they will learn about the United Kingdom, cities and their physical and human features.

In Year 3 your daughter will experience their first school residential to trip. They will stay at an outdoor activity centre for three nights and participate in adventurous activities such as the zip-wire, night walking, canoeing, grass sledging and experiencing a disco on the last night. They will learn skills such as team building, problem solving and challenging themselves to try new things as well as enjoying the locally sourced and cooked food.