Year 6

Year 6  is devoted to preparation for the 11+ examinations – and, afterwards, to enriching the girls’ education through informative and engaging project-style work.

11+ Success

We have many years of experience in preparing girls for the rigours of external entrance examinations. Our approach can be summarised as ‘Goldilocks’ – not too much homework or pressure, but not too little, either.  As in every area of Falcons life, the Year 6  team is determined that girls enjoy their education and achieve the highest standards and, throughout Year 5 and 6, girls continue to enjoy a broad and balanced education.

Post 11+ examinations, we focus to enrich the girls’ education with a specific focus on problem solving, poetry and entrepreneurship.

Outstanding Pastoral Care

Pastoral care remains at the heart of what we do at  Falcons School for Girls. In Year 6, the girls have the opportunity to foster and demonstrate their leadership skills as Prefects and House Captains, with the student body holding an annual vote to decide on their Head and Deputy Head Girl.


We work in close partnership with parents to ensure that the transition to senior school – whether that be independent London day schools, country boarding schools or a maintained school – is as smooth as possible. This includes regular meetings with parents, the Falcons Lead and the Headmistress  to keep parents informed of progress and to provide recommended options for choices of senior school.