Co-ed Opportunities

At Falcons School for Girls, we believe that boys are wonderful as friends, allies and partners but also that girls and boys learn differently, which is why our Reception to Year 6 classes are girls only classes, as per the name of the school.

In order to get the best of both worlds, we provide our girls with plenty of opportunities to work and play with boys, and in particular with the boys from Falcons Pre-Prep and Falcons Prep, through regular play-dates, joint 11+ preparation and joint events such as the recent drama workshop at the Globe Theatre and the forthcoming choir tour.

Drama Workshops

Last June, pupils in Years 5 and 6 developed their performing arts abilities, during a Drama and Music Workshop at the RHACC Theatre in Richmond. The budding young actresses joined the boys from Falcons Prep to explore the iconic Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet.

Falcons School for Girls drama workshop with Falcons Prep

Spelling Bee

The first Putney Spelling Bee was held in the Summer Term of 2019. Following three heats over the course of two weeks, the finalists joined forces with Falcons Boys. They paired up against each other for a nail-biting 10 rounds of spellings, demonstrating teamwork, grit and determination.

Falcons Spelling Bee

11+ Group Interview Practice

Year 6 girls teamed up with boys from Falcons last term to practise for upcoming 11+ interviews. They were split into co-ed groups, and undertook three workshops. This included a question and answer session, team-building to make a tower out of sticks and marshmallows,a nd also¬† a drama task where they had to decide in groups what five things they’d need if stranded on the moon. This was a fantastic opportunity to work with their male peers from Falcons and gain confidence in group interview situations.

Falcons 11+ interview practice


Temporary School Closure

Due to the recent global spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus Peregrines Nursery and Falcons School for Girls are closed until further notice. For any admissions enquiries, please get in touch with our Admissions Officer, Chetna Kava, at