Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu Autumn 2017

We are very lucky at Falcons Girls to have Mrs Halliwell our Head Chef and her team from Brookwoods Catering.  The girls are served lunch in the school hall where lunch time supervisors help and watch over the girls. During wet lunches, activities are provided in the designated classrooms. Menus run on a three weekly rota and there is always a choice of a ‘healthy’ salad option and a vegetarian option.

Do the girls love lunch?

“The lunches are amazing! We have a three week roster and all the food is delicious. We always have the main meal, a salad bar and a dessert section, all prepared by our Chef.

If you asked me what my favourite meal was, I wouldn’t be able to decide! Some people don’t love every meal – we try lots of different things – but everyone loves the yummy puddings. I could write twenty pages just about the desserts!”  Havaani Blasi (Head Girl 2015/16)

“I don’t have a favourite meal, because they are all just too good!” Bonamy (Year Three)

Allergies and dietary requirements

Special attention is paid to allergies and food intolerances, religious restrictions and medical conditions such as diabetes. We ensure each child’s needs are meticulously met, with coloured name tags in the lunch hall and clear labels on packed lunches. We are a nut free school.